SAT / ACT Test Prep Classes: 

This year, SAT and ACT Prep classes will be held virtually using Zoom. 

Check back for updated information, which will be coming soon.



SAT PREP is designed to help students prepare for the SAT Test. There are 2 options an 8 week/1 day per week or 4 week/2 days per week that counts for 0.5 credit on student's transcripts. Students will take 2 practice tests and have assignments to complete between meetings. The first 2 weeks cover registering for the SAT Test and what the test consist of, 2 weeks breaking down each section and learning strategies to help boost students scores, the final 2 weeks will focus on areas of weakness. The cost of this course is $125.00 ($25.00 must be paid upon registering to reserve your spot.)




ACT PREP is being redesigned, check back for updates to see when this course will be available.


Registered  with the Department of Education since June 1, 2007