SC Code Of Law Section 59-65-47

and At Home In The Lowcountry Standards

 Requirements of Section 5965-47 of the SC Code of Law:

       A. The Parent/Teacher must hold at least a high School diploma or                   the equivalent general educational diploma (GED)

       B. The instructional year must be at least 180 days.

       C. Curriculum must include at least the minimum of the basic                         instructional areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science and                 social studies; and in grades seven through twelve, composition                 and literature.

      D. Educational records shall be maintained by the parent/teacher                   and include the following:

         1. A plan book, diary or other record indicating subjects taught and                activities in which the student and parent/teacher participate;

         2. A portfolio of samples of the student's academic work; and

         3. A simi-annual progress report including attendance records and                individual documentation of the student's academic progress in                  each of the basic instructional areas in item C above.

Standards of At Home In The Lowcountry:

        A. Uphold the requirements of the option 3 SC law.

         B. Excercise diligence in all homeschool records and instruction.

         C. Maintain a copy in your files of your diploma or GED.

         D. Notify At Home In The Lowcountry of any change of address,                        email, phone numbers, any changes in your homeschool                              situations or any contact from school districts, SC Department of                Education, SC Department of Social Services or Law Enforcement.

         E. Agree to a review of records by At Home In The Lowcountry with a              24 hour notice.

         F.  Submission of grades and attendance yearly within two weeks of                 the homeschool's end date.

         G.  Junior and Senior's grades must be submitted by  May 30th.             


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