We rank all Juniors and Seniors. This is not an optional service. 



 A diploma with the association seal will be provided to each graduation senior with the family's school name.

Cost: 0.00

A graduation ceremony is held annually in Goose Creek. Students will purchase or borrow their caps, tassels and gowns. They may also purchase a diploma cover if desired.

Cost: $25.00 covers the cost of the facilities.

Optional Services


A transcript of high school grades and credits for use when entering college or the military. Or an interim transcript for return to public or private school.


High School Transcript: $55.00 At The End of The Senior Year

High School Transcript by year $10 per year.

Interim Transcript: $25.00 

Services for our Members


High School Number


Teaching Coach

We provide curriculum, a schedule of the classes and work to be completed on a weekly basis. We grade the work when it is returned to us and maintain a copy of student records. Much of the work is self taught but the parent can easily teach from the lesson plans provided. We are available to the students and parents, for the purpose of coaching, from 8:30 am-2:30 pm Monday - Friday. The parent teaches the material provided and maintains the original records.

Cost: 35.00 Per Week grades 8-12   $25.00 Per Week grades 3-7

Mailing: $10.00 Per Month


We offer legal status under SC Code of Law 59-65-47, maintain membership records, hold members accountable to the law and report number of students to school district per requirements of the homeschool laws. We provide a certification letter, by email, to each homeschool family. 

Cost per family $30.00