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Frequently Asked Questions

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At Home In The Lowcountry was established in June, 2007 to provide support and accountability to Home Educators in South Carolina

At Home In The Lowcountry Homeschool Association
1. Can I homeschool legally in South Carolina?

Yes. There are three legal ways to homeschool in SC. Option 3 is the least intrusive. At Home In The Lowcountry is an accountability group under Option 3.

2. Can my child get a real diploma?

Yes. The diploma can be issued to the student when they have completed the necessary courses for high school.

At Home In The Lowcountry will issue diplomas to their graduating seniors but a parent issued diploma is also acceptable.

3. Can my child go to college?

Yes. Scholarships and grants open to public school students are also available to homeschool students. Many colleges recruit homeschooled students.

4. Do I need to do a certain number of hours per day?

No. As long as you do 180 days of school your hours can vary.

5. Is "Unschooling" legal?

Yes, as long as you keep your academic records required by the homeschool laws.

6. What records am I required to keep.

 Some type of record showing what you teach and/or activities you do each day, a semi-annual progress report, attendance record and a portfolio of the students work.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide accountability and support for homeschool families without regard to method of homeschooling or religious affiliation.